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Weather resistant, tough latigo leather with a custom made slide adjuster. Easy to install with one screw.




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Indiana Jones Bag Strap

Jeff on 18th Jul 2023

Overall, I'm pleased with the strap. The leather is a much more brighter brown than I had anticipated, but I'm hoping to find a way to safely darken it. Aside from that, the length and buckle are perfect. I also recommend watching the available "how to" install video on this website!

Indiana Jones bag strap

Craig Twyman on 10th May 2023

Awesome quality and a perfect match for my Raiders costume

Best bag strap

Mark on 21st Apr 2023

I've been eyeing this bag strap for a few years and for some reason never pulled the trigger on the purchase but I finally did. Beautiful 100% accurate and super solid. now bring bag your Indy hats Todd!!!!!

Finally a proper, quality bag strap!

Sam on 18th Mar 2023

After purchasing two Indiana Jones’ bag straps (the first came with the bag from Etsy’s ‘Famous Filmwear’ and the second was bought from Ebay’s ‘SOF Military, i.e. Soldier of Fortune), I was hugely disappointed by the plastic looking tri-glide slider on the first, and the gaping hole, torn leather around the rivet of the second (and let’s not even get started on the shiny fake looking leather on the second!). I am, however, absolutely delighted with the purchase from Todd’s Costumes. The leather looks and feels like leather, and the triglide buckle is actually smooth metal (as opposed to cracked plastic!) and the rivet looks and feels as it should (with no torn leather around the rivet. hole). It’s a sturdy piece and clearly shows great craftsmanship. This bag strap gets a huge thumbs up from myself! I am based in England so hesitated to buy from the USA (considering customs etc,) but the item arrived within the said time-frame via USPS, and was delivered with no problems from customs. Great service! Thank you.

Indiana Jones bag strap

Chris on 6th Feb 2023

It looks as pictured and is 65" long. Looks great with the bag. Strap is stiff out of the package and feels sturdy. I hung mine up with some weight in the bag to straiten it out. It's better quality for the price compared to Amazon.

Indy bag strap

Olin Bullard on 11th Jul 2022

Perfect copy. Very well made and arrived on time !


bblhed on 11th Jul 2022

I will freely admit that I bought a bag with a lousy strap and needed the right strap. This was the right strap and finished off my bag perfectly. Strap looks and works great and I have gotten a lot of practical use out of it already.

Indy bag strap

Olin Bullard on 4th Jul 2022

My strap arrived on time and in great condition. As far as I can ( I’ve done lots of searching) this is a perfect copy of the one in the films and I couldn’t be happier with it !