You'd have a hard time outrunning Hovitos without one of these holding up your pants.

1 1/4" military style cotton web belts in your choice of colors: "Crusade Khaki" or the elusive "Raiders Brown".  The buckle is gold colored steel like the ones used in the film. Fits up to 60". Easily shortened to any size smaller.

Sort-of-Interesting Factoid: Indiana Jones wore a brown web belt in "Raiders of the Lost Ark", and a khaki belt in "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom". In "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" he wears both (not together, of course!).

Belt length is adjustable up to 60". Just lift the lock on the back of the buckle, slide the buckle along the belt to the location you desire, then trip the excess length of belt with scissors. Lower the lock, and you're done. It's way easier to do than to explain!


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web belt

reid fisher on 20th Jul 2023

first one has served me well.. ordered 2 more just in case .. great belts

Indiana Jones Web Belt

Jeff on 3rd Apr 2023

This is clothing, not costume. An excellent, true to screen piece of gear.

Good old school belt

Cody Johnston on 13th Jul 2020

Real nice looking, Tough web Belt.

Great, accurate Indy belt

Jesse Gomez on 17th Apr 2019

This belt is screen accurate and works great with my Indy cosplay as well as everyday casual use

Web belt

mark martino on 11th Mar 2019

One of the best looking Indy belts I've ever gotten, you can find some at stores like target but they are to thick, odd colors , but Todd's gives you that correct look.

Indy Web Belt

Carlos on 14th Feb 2019

I love it. It is very practical and economical. I had a similar one in lighter brown that has worn out from extensive use. I bought this more authentic Indiana Jones belt to replace my old one.

A cool Web Belt to finish the look of Indiana Jones

Bret Daguio on 3rd Dec 2018

Another quality product from Todds costumes. I ordered the dark brown web belt. A wonderful addidtion which completes the Indy adventurer look. The price is great. I have pretty much ordered the vast majority of my Indy gear from Todds. What a great authentic product resource . If your on a budget but still want that authentic Indy image Todds is the place to get it. I hope Todds continues to offer quality Indy products in the future.

Excellent Indiana Jones web belt

Mustang Indy on 19th Nov 2018

Just bought a couple of these and got them in the mail today. They look great!! excellent quality for a great price!!