Our own custom made buckle made to look like the one Indiana Jones wore in "Raiders of the Lost Ark". 1" square slide adjuster with recessed center bar. Cast from tumbled pewter for that old look. Attach it to your own strap! NOTE: Our bag straps come with a buckle already. This separate buckle is for a strap you might already have that needs a buckle.


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Indiana Jones belt buckle

Fred on 23rd Oct 2019

Was as described. Worked perfect for updating my leather bag strap prop.


Becky on 22nd Oct 2019

I thought a simple buckle like this would be easy to find, but it was very hard to find one just like this. It looks great and was shipped quickly!

This is a top notch buckle!!!!

Sam Hell on 7th May 2013

I purchased this buckle to replace the supplied buckle that came w the strap...i am very impressed with the quality!

Perfectly good.

Rusty on 5th Nov 2012

What can I say? The appearance matches the photo exactly and fits the strap fairly well. Looks good to me.

Much better than original buckle

22nd Oct 2012

The original buckle cuts into the leather strap and leaves ugly lines. This looks much better and behaves better and is more thick than the original. Unfortunately, the original buckle is riveted on. I was a bit apprehensive about drilling it off. It did drill off fairly easy. The pain part is that it is hard to find a screw rivet replacement for the one drilled out (and costly/time consuming to order just one with shipping). I was a bit dissappointed that none of this was mentioned in the description as it was a bit of work I had not anticipated, and no other review mentioned. I am giving it a 4 stars only because it does not come with a replacement rivet or describe this effort. Otherwise, it is a great improvement.

Great for making your own bag strap

Thomas VanAlstine on 17th Oct 2012

In coming up with my Indy costume I decided to save a few bucks and just build my own bag strap. The leather belt was easy enough to find at a cheap price but I just never could find the buckle that fit the Raiders look I wanted, till I bought this one.

Nice replacement buckle

mike scott on 5th Oct 2011

This is a very nice buckle if you need to replace one or are building your own strap. I have 2 of these, one on my original bag strap and one I bought for another strap. My personal preference for the Raiders look however is the new style that comes on the new bag straps but that's my take on Raiders, that the buckle was wider and shinier.