Gladiator Costume | Leather Tabard

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Maximus wore this "simple" leather tabbard during the famous arena match in Morocco. The rest of the outfit consisted of a blue tunic, a kidney belt, a shoulder pauldron with strap, and leather hand/wrist wraps.

I have to apologize for the out-of-date photos. I've made extensive upgrades to this item after a personal examination of an original production made tabbard. I now use better-matching leather that is hand-aged to simulate the two tone black/brown scheme of the original. I also do extensive working of the leather to add the appropriate distressing. The waist now features the original double strap/buckle adjustment arrangement with a leather lined waistband. I will update the photos when I have another one on hand.

These are handmade in our California shop, so please contact me for current wait times (typically 4-6 weeks). They are one-size fits most, since the waist is completely adjustable.

One size fits most