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Indiana Jones Collection

Todd's Costumes has the high quality realistic film outfits you won't find anywhere else! Our world famous costumes can't be purchased anywhere else on the web!

On June 12, 1981 a phenomenon was unleashed on the world by two young movie makers named Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. Their contribution to pop culture and movie history was "Indiana Jones". Immediately upon it's release, it broke all box office records as moviegoers world wide couldn't get enough of its suspense, action, comic book violence, and it's star, Harrison Ford.

The movie costumes left a deep mark on those who were young at the time. And dressing up in movie costumes like Indiana Jones has never been more fun.

Our costumes are nothing like the costumes you'll find at a Halloween costumes store or online costumes store. Our costumes are the real thing just as the costumes used on the movie set. For our Indiana Jones line of costume items, let's look at the Indiana Jones Hats first. The Official Indiana Jones Hats are a good value for an Indy style movie hat. We carry the low priced Official Indiana Jones Hat in wool felt, and Kids sizes, too. We also have a new item, our crushable Indiana Jones hat with the offiical Indiana Jones pin. Our Coyle's Indiana Jones hat is made of 100% rabbit fur felt, much higher quality than the wool felt hats that are easily available.

Our Coyle's Indy style leather jacket is a movie quality item. Our Coyle's Indiana Jones shirts are comfortable and good looking. Our Coyle's Indiana Jones pants are 100% worsted wool cavalry twill, exactly as used in the films. Coyle's Outdoorsman's boots are a perfect replica of the trademark boots Harrison Ford wore in the movies. Our custom items are far beyond typical costumes fare. costumes assembled with our clothing will satisfy even the most demanding Indiana Jones fan's craving for authentic costumes.

You can't be Indy without one of our Indiana Jones whips from Western Star Whips. We have the highest value Indiana Jones Costume whips on the planet. Each is hand braided from top quality leather in the fine quality Australian style used with the movie production costumes.

To hold your Indy whip, you'll want our leather, adjustable whip holder. It slips on your belt and wraps around any size whip to hold it securely.

You'll want to see our entire selection of accessories for our costumes. Don't miss our Indiana Jones bag. Some call it a satchel, but it's really a World War 2 British gas mask bag, called a "MKVII respirator bag". You've seen them in documentaries and movies set in that era and didn't even know it.

Of course, check out our Indy style leather gun belt to carry your holster, gun, whip holder, and whip.

We want you to have a complete Indy hero outfit, and so we've paid attention to all the details. Remember the pocket knife Indy pulled out of his bag to cut Marion free? We've got it. Check out our custom made Indy pocket knife, an exact replica of the one seen in the movie.

You will find cheaper Indiana Jones costumes out there from discount costumes retailers. What you will get is a cheap Indiana Jones costume plastic hat that I'd be embarrassed to wear, a Indy whip that looks like it's made from kraft paper, and a chintzy Indiana Jones costume vinyl jacket that you'll only wear once. Not a bad outfit if you don't mind looking like a dork. Our Indiana Jones costumes made up of our premium quality clothing and accessories has an impact and makes you look and feel great.

One of the things we offer that really sets these movie themed costumes off is the weapons. We have real leather holsters and Indiana Jones guns that are fun to show off. Our Indiana Jones guns are top quality replicas that actually function. Some fire super-loud cap blanks for a lot of fun and excitement. Our Indiana Jones bullwhips are also impressive. Most of your party guests will never have seen a real bullwhip before and they'll be eager to hold it. Just don't let them try to crack it! It's not a toy! This is a real bull whip and a serious weapon! Wear it, but be responsible!

Of course, if you're wearing your Indiana Jones costume to a party, you'll look more like Indiana Jones if you're drinking whiskey from a shot glass. If you really want to go all out with your Indiana Jones costume, bring your own whiskey bottle, and fill it with your favorite beverage! Indiana Jones never turned down a whiskey.

Our costumes shoulder bag is entirely realistic. In the movie, they used a British WWII vintage respirator bag. The movie hero costumes replaced the web strap that the bag was manufactured with, with a leather strap and a slide adjustment buckle front and center. We've reproduced the wartime bags that were used for the Indiana Jones costume perfectly. The cool thing about these bags is that they are very useful for carrying tools, books, writing supplies, lunch, etc. And you won't look like you're wearing a purse.

Making, collecting, and wearing movie realistic hero costumes has become a fun hobby for thousands, and if you're into movie costumes, we are the place for your Indiana Jones costume. For movie outfits, you won't find better quality costumes anywhere. Collecting clothing for an Indiana Jones costume has become a fun hobby. Some pay attention to the smallest details of the costumes, and have formed Indiana Jones costume clubs. Our Indiana Jones costume items have become very popular with the most demanding fans!

Our Indiana Jones costume items are also an excellent value. Our Indiana Jones costume items will give you the same look for a fraction of the price of some others. We focus on value without sacrificing authenticity. Some of the expensive Indiana Jones costume items available at high prices actually exceed the original movie costumes in quality, making them less "authentic" than ours.

If Indiana Jones costumes isn't your thing, look at our Gladiator costumes, including hero costumes from every major action scene. The fabulous General Maximus movie costumes , the final battle costumes, and all the other costumes you remember. A great movie and great costumes. The costumes designer won an Oscar for her costumes. We also have leather gear for Rick O'Connell  costume from "The Mummy". We also carry costumes items in kid's sizes. Also, if you're a fan of "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys", you'll want to check out our costumes gauntlets.

For the women's costumes, instead of Indy costumes, check out our hero costumes from "Xena: Warrior Princess." We have a killer Xena costumes, Callisto costumes, and Gabrielle costumes! These costumes are just as awesome as the costumes from the TV show! These costumes are sure to turn heads at any party!

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