Building a blaster? Want to do it yourself? This kit contains the parts needed to modify your Denix C-96 Mauser replica to make it ready for a scope mount and scope (sold separately.)

Our kit includes:

  • 1 steel bull barrel, tapped with 1/2-28 threads at each end (as seen when it first appeared in the movie "Naked Runner") Barrel has a 7.65mm bore (un-rifled) through the center. The bottom of the barrel is milled flat. Blued finish.
  • 1 steel MG81 flash hider replica with black oxide finish.
  • 1 steel MG81 flash hider mounting collar with black oxide finish
  • 1 steel hex socket drive cap head screw with black oxide oil finish
  • 1 steel set screw with black oxide finish for the adapter.
  • 3 Veron model kit cylinders made of black ABS to construct the "grille"
  • 1 piece of cabinet door track made of black PVC
  • 2 Allen wrenches are included for assembly

This parts kit is intended for those comfortable with metal/plastic work.  A milling/drilling machine is highly recommended.  In addition, you will need a micrometer,  end mill bit, 29/64" drill bit, 1/2"-28 thread tap, and allen wrenches .   To attach the barrel, you will need to cut the cast barrel off of your Denix and drill and tap a hole for the new barrel (threads are 1/2" - 28 UNEF). Assembling the grille will require cutting each cylinder (only a portion is used) and gluing to the front of the Denix model. The greeblies only require minimal shaping before gluing to the top of the barrel.


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Amazing pieces

Kieran on 4th Nov 2020

Beautifully machined pieces look great, feel great and have a nice weight. Will look awesome on my DL-44

DL-44 Front End Kit

Scott Markham on 6th Jul 2020

Absolutely love this kit! The flash suppressor is solid and well made, the grills are perfect, and the greeblies are very accurate. This quality of kit will add to the realism of a Denix build! I can’t wait to get the scope mount kit!

DL -44 Blaster Accessory kit

Patrick Giddings on 29th Jun 2020

Outstanding quality first-rate service fast delivery

DL-44 Blaster Kit

Daniel on 3rd Mar 2020

Exactly what I wanted. Fit and finish are great!

Super Easy Blaster kit

Leath on 26th Jun 2019

This kit turned this weekend long project into just a few short hours. Great quality pieces as well. Highly recommended.

Bon produit

Philippe BOUISSON on 9th Jan 2019

Bon produit, mais j'aurai aimé avoir les grilles du radiateur en métal plutôt qu'en plastique...

Great kit to your anh blaster!

Jonas on 10th Sep 2018

Great kit and the parts is awsome! If you want a ANH han solo blaster this is the kit to buy!

Excellent buy

UK Buyer on 31st Jul 2018

Received the kit together with the scope and mount today. Took it to my friend who specialised in lathe work for some advice and hopefully help to put the kit together. He is very particular when it comes to engineering work and his first comment was - Wow some quality. I would have to agree and say all the items I received were of the same standard. Hopefully I will be able to start construction on the blaster next week.