Building a blaster? Want to do it yourself? This kit contains the parts needed to modify your Denix C-96 Mauser replica to make it ready for a scope mount and scope (sold separately.)

Our kit includes:

  • 1 steel bull barrel, tapped with 1/2-28 threads at each end (as seen when it first appeared in the movie "Naked Runner") Barrel has a 7.65mm bore (un-rifled) through the center. The bottom of the barrel is milled flat. Blued finish.
  • 1 steel MG81 flash hider replica with black oxide finish.
  • 1 steel MG81 flash hider mounting collar with black oxide finish
  • 1 steel hex socket drive cap head screw with black oxide oil finish
  • 1 steel set screw with black oxide finish for the adapter.
  • 3 Veron model kit cylinders made of black ABS to construct the "grille"
  • 1 piece of cabinet door track made of black PVC
  • 2 Allen wrenches are included for assembly

This parts kit is intended for those comfortable with metal/plastic work.  A milling/drilling machine is highly recommended.  In addition, you will need a micrometer,  end mill bit, 29/64" drill bit, 1/2"-28 thread tap, and allen wrenches .   To attach the barrel, you will need to cut the cast barrel off of your Denix and drill and tap a hole for the new barrel (threads are 1/2" - 28 UNEF). Assembling the grille will require cutting each cylinder (only a portion is used) and gluing to the front of the Denix model. The greeblies only require minimal shaping before gluing to the top of the barrel.


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Blaster Accessory Kit

Kyle on 18th Feb 2023

Parts look well machined. I am missing a part that connects the barrell adapter to the flash suppressor (the non-blued part) and TC&Co said they were going to ship it out to me the next day but have not received the part or an email confirmation regarding tracking of shipping. I'll review again once I receive the missing part of the kit.


John Woodrum on 1st Oct 2022

Excellent kit with really good details

DL44 Blaster Access. Kit

Tony on 23rd Aug 2022

I've been wanting to build this "Blaster" for years and finally bit the bullet. I found this online, order was simple. Shipping even faster. This is quality stuff! It gives the C96 replica some serious weight. Love it !

Much better than 3d printed parts

Keith on 29th Apr 2022

Bought this kit for a Merr-Sonn Power Denix build. The instructions were clear and precise. This is not a kit for the faint-hearted. Cutting the barrel off an $80 pistol takes some guts, but careful work and measurements pay off. I drilled and tapped the hole for the bull barrel and it looks perfect. I can't recommend this kit enough and it makes the end product feel much more realistic/durable than adding 3D printed parts to a metal frame.

Good looking parts

Michael on 7th Feb 2022

I'm waiting on the main piece that I ordered from a different site. All the pieces from here are great, full metal, well machined and the instructions seem easy to follow. Looking forward to putting all this together

DL-44 flash barrel kit

Chris on 2nd Feb 2022

Todd is personable and makes a great product for a reasonable price. Great customer service.


Martin on 24th Jan 2022

Top quality all metal parts, except heat sink which is plastic as described

Everything you could hope for

Thomas B.D. on 6th Oct 2021

Everything is beautifully crafted, coloration is wonderful, and the customer service experience was absolutely stunning! There was a minor hiccup, but the people at Todd's Costumes sorted it so quickly, that I have nothing but good things to say.