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Pecard Leather Dressing

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2.5oz. Pecard Leather Dressing is a perfect blend of natural ingredients that keeps leather supple, strong and beautiful. It repels water, snow and dew; prevents hardening and cracking; resists most acids; removes most stains; and allows the leather to "breathe".

Pecards Leather Dressing works great for whipsboots, saddles, ect.


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  • 5
    Amazing product

    Posted by ZHund on 16th Jul 2012

    I bought this to treat a leather Indy jacket from 1991 that was a bit dried out and light in color. The transformation was amazing and immediate. The leather became softer and darker, and nearly matches what the jacket would have looked like originally. I can't really say enough how pleased I am with the Pecard dressing. The jacket looks brand new and saved me the cost of expensive professional restoration. I have already recommended Pecards to everyone I know who owns leather products. Thanks Todd's for making me aware of such a great product.

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    Perfect for your leather products

    Posted by jedirun on 21st Sep 2011

    I ended up using this on all of my leather products from boots, to belts, straps, holsters, whips, jackets and shoes. I am always amazed at how fast it gets absorbed, and how fast it can take dried out and make it soft again without substantially changing the color.

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    Great product to protect your investments.

    Posted by mr_vader on 20th Sep 2011

    I've used this on my high end jackets and whips, and it has always come through for me. Outstanding product.

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    Breathe life into your old leather

    Posted by Christian T. Guldager on 20th Sep 2011

    Pecards makes your leather items look brand new. I couldn't believe how well it worked on my old dry leather jacket, it made it look brand new. It also serves to keep your whip flexible and working. It's absolutely esssential for the Indy enthusiast.

  • 5
    Pecards is Leather's Best Friend

    Posted by Dr. J on 20th Sep 2011

    I've been collecting Indiana Jones gear for years and as you know, Indy likes his leather. Pecards leather dressing (in all it's forms) is by far, the best leather dressing I've ever used. It not only water "proofs" leather it gets into the grain and softens the fibers. This leather gel will soften up the stiffest of leathers, as well as rejuvenate old leather products like jackets, car seats and baseball mitts. I use it on Todds whips and holsters. It's also great on Jackets (though I use the Pecards Leather Gel which is lighter) for lighter leathers like Lambskin.