Yeah, this is THE jacket. The "Raiders of the Lost Ark" Indiana Jones jacket the world fell in love with, myself included!

Coyle's Clothing has produced this awesome replica of the original "Raiders" jacket. Cut from soft lambskin leather, the jacket features two flight jacket style cargo pockets, side entry hand warmer pockets, single panel bi-swing back, side adjustment straps, side vents, inside chest pocket, and measurements and details taken from actual filming jackets. The leather is dark brown, with a  finish that will age to give it a natural, broken-in look.  This jacket is the product of years of painstaking research to make it as much like the one you saw on the big screen as possible. We think it is without equal.

Make no mistake, these jackets are far from "costume" fare. They are department store quality, suitable for everyday use. Many of Coyle's jacket owners find that our jacket has quickly become their favorite!

Please see the sizing chart for new, updated measurements!

More detailed information:

Although this jacket has been copied by many people, including the man who made them for the movies, I have never copied anyone's work. I always felt that no one made exactly what I saw on screen. The original UK tailor, Peter Botwright, was the only one in a position to make an exact duplicate, but even he had trouble doing it, instead deferring to fans for direction. My research has been ongoing to this day.

My main references have been the film (the only version I have concerned myself with is Raiders of the Lost Ark), rare reference photos of screen-used jackets, jackets on exhibit, measurements of jackets in private collections, and Tony Nowak's "Raiders" replica of an original of mysterious origin. But recently I acquired what I believe to be the most definitive reference of all.

A few years ago I stumbled across a UK eBay listing for an odd leather jacket dating back to the 1980s made by the original Indy jacket maker. It was a long, biker/bomber style jacket with sleeve cuffs. Although clearly not an "Indy Jacket" clone, I thought the wrinkly lambskin it was made of was interesting (in light of Tony Nowak's experience), so I bought it. When it arrived I looked it over quickly and went "huh!" and stored it away. Several years later, I took it out to give it a second look. I slowly realized that the jacket's pattern I had so quickly dismissed was, fundamentally, the Raiders jacket. Ignoring the half dozen small details that differed, I could see the original pattern in all it's funky glory. There were several revelations in construction and cut, but now when I watch the jacket in the film (yes, I "watch" costumes!) I can't "un-see" the DNA of this jacket in the original on screen.

Based on this, I believe that my jacket is the closest in cut to the original "hero" jacket that has been offered. Try it and let me know if you don't agree!



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Coyle's Indiana Jones Style Jackets
What size do I wear?
Just order the size you usually wear. If you are hard to fit or need special precision, we offer this information:
These are the dimensions of the actual jackets
SizeA. SleeveB. ChestC. Length
Adult S34 ¼"19"24 ⅞"
Adult M35"20 ⅝"25 ½"
Adult L35 ½"22 ½"26 ¼"
Adult XL36 ¾"24 ⅜"26 ¾"
Adult XXL36 ¾"26 ⅛"27 ⅜"
Adult XXXL37 ¼"27 ⅞"27 ¾"


The Indiana Jones jacket was designed by Deborah Nadoolman-Landis.

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Saul on 12th Dec 2022

I got the jacket not just for the Indy cosplay but for everyday use. It's a very nice jacket! Goes well with almost any clothing. The leather is very nice and soft. I love it.

Indiana Jones Jacket

Mark Tinoco on 8th Nov 2022

This Indiana Jones jacket was so worth waiting for. Great fit, the grain and color look spot on screen accurate and the leather has a wonderful soft feel to it.

Indy Jacket


I received my Indy jacket after waiting a whole year and it was worth it , it fits me perfectly, the leather is awsome quality, thank you Todd's Costume

New Raiders Jacket

David Patrick on 4th Nov 2022

I loved the smell of the leather. It was a great jacket, however; I had to return mine because of sizing issues. I like my jackets to have a little room to them, this particular jacket was more form fitting. I think it worked well with the smaller sized and not so well with the bigger sizes.

Excellent jacket with one minor flaw

Paulings on 28th Mar 2016

This is an excellent Indy jacket (and this is coming from a former Wested customer) The lambskin is soft, the details are screen accurate, and it really nails that dark brown color. Definitely usable as an everyday jacket and not just a costume piece. The only fault I can find (with mine, at least) is an issue with the interior lining that makes the inside pocket stick out awkwardly against my chest and pushes the left half of the coat out at strange angles, requiring frequent adjustment. It's a small price to pay, however, for such a lovely jacket.

Believe the Hype

Dave on 2nd Mar 2016

Everything positive said in all the other reviews is true. I originally went with this version of the Indy jacket because it was one of the most affordable and got high praise on a forum. I'm considering buying another one or two for the future, just so I can have one to get rough with. The fit is perfect, the leather is beautiful, the cut is accurate, and I love everything about it. The price belies the quality. If you're on the fence, just buy one; you won't be disappointed.

Great Jacket!

Chris Wayne on 6th Sep 2015

To be honest, I was a bit hesitant about buying this jacket simply because I wasn't sure that it would hold up. When I bought my first Indy jacket several years ago I ended up getting a steerhide jacket from U.S. Wings because I wanted a durable jacket. I love the U.S. Wings jacket very much, but it's better suited for colder weather, so, needing a jacket for fall, I turned to Todd's. The jacket does not disappoint. It's very beautiful, has the movie accurate striations (they even looked to find one with the texture and striations where I asked for them), has a very accurate color, it's durable, and is very comfortable for cool weather. It's definitely worth the money.

Love This Jacket

DonM on 8th Apr 2015

For those that want to “cut to the chase” I’ll jump to the end and tell you that I love this jacket. For more details about build quality and sizing read on. I have been a big fan of the Indiana Jones franchise since seeing the original “Raiders of the Lost Ark” movie back in 1981. I knew then that I wanted a jacket like the one worn in the movie. I was not looking to wear it as part of a costume but wanted a quality jacket I could wear every day. As many of the other reviewers have stated, and I agree, this is not a costume item. Some have commented that it is more of a spring/fall jacket and while that is probably true I feel that it is still quite substantial maybe that is because it is obviously very well made. It’s a great buy for the price and seems like it is as close as I have seen to the movie jacket which is what we are all going for anyway right? When I first received the jacket I, like some others, thought that it was a little short but after checking out the movie again and some images on-line I realized that this is how it is supposed to look. Indy purist can correct me if I am wrong but I believe that it is based originally on a motorcycle jacket design so it is meant to be a bit shorter. I have been wearing it now for a while and the length of the jacket has grown on me. Not literally but you know what I mean, after wearing it a bit I love the length and would not change a thing. At the time I ordered it I was most concerned about sizing so I’ll relate what worked for me: I did what Todd recommended and simply ordered what I normally wear. I ordered a medium. I am 5 feet 9 inches tall and weigh about 175 pounds. I normally wear a size 42 Regular suit jacket and this fit nicely. The shoulder length was perfect with shoulder seams hanging about two inches off of each shoulder. The sleeve length was nice with the sleeves ending just about at the base of the thumb. The hem (back) of the jacket hits me about an inch and a half below the bottom of the belt loops on my (standard Levis) jeans. About the on-line specs: when I got the jacket I compared the actual measurements to the sizing specs listed on Todd’s site and they matched exactly so if you use that as a guide you should be good. All in all a great jacket at a great price with a great look. I’m extremely pleased with this purchase.