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NOTE ON SIZING: Belts sizes are their length in inches, so be sure to measure! The belts do not adjust for size, so measure around your waist over your trousers (trust me, you are much bigger than you think!) order as close to your actual measurement as possible. If in between sizes, I'd recommend ordering the next smaller size. Metal blasters weigh a ton, and gravity, being as relentless as it is, will do it's work unless you order the right size.

Our goal is to produce holster rigs that are as true to the originals as possible. Each movie had different holster rigs.  Although at first glance, they appear the same, the details differ considerably.

PLEASE NOTE:  Some reviewers note that the leather color they received did not match the photos.  The photos shown here are current and accurately reflect the color and aging we currently sell.


  • Genuine leather
  • Hand weathered finish
  • Stainless steel buckles
  • Stainless steel detachable drop-down hinge tabs
  • Stainless steel droid caller clip
  • Machined aluminum disk
  • Adjustable leg strap
  • Holster fits any Mauser-based blaster of correct dimensions.  We can't guarantee it will fit toys or 3D printed models of incorrect dimensions.


  • Hand-weathered two-tone dark brown leather
  • No visible stitching on utility pouches
  • No visible fasteners on front buckle hooks
  • Thick machined aluminum disk on right belt
  • Edge grooves on holster, belt, and straps
  • Front buckle opens on right side


  • Hand-weathered tan leather
  • Visible stitching on outside of utility pouches
  • Exposed rivet fasteners on front buckle hooks
  • Thin machined aluminum disk on right belt
  • No grooves on leather edges
  • Front buckle opens on left side


  • Hand-weathered tan leather
  • Visible stitching on outside of utility pouches
  • Exposed rivet fasteners on front buckle hooks
  • Thin machined aluminum disk on right belt
  • Grooves on edges of holster, but not belt or straps
  • Front buckle opens on left side

Enjoy your day as a space smuggler with our awesome holster rig!  Durable, functional, and authentic!




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Use a cloth tape to measure your hip where you want to the belt to ride. Consider the Pants you will be wearing with it, Purchase the nearest length to your measurement.
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Noah Schmitz on 29th Jan 2021

As someone with a 29 inch waist, I bought the smallest size, the 36 inch version. It looks excellent, but is a little to big for me, especially once loaded with a metal gun. I'm not docking any stars, since this problem is between me and my hips, but be aware if you are on the small size. Looks and feels super high quality, I couldn't ask for more out of a costume piece.

Han Solo Holster Rig ANH

Paul Garcia on 28th Jan 2021

I looked at rigs like this for awhile. Anovos' was too expensive, never in stock and what I did learn about that one I didn't particularly feel safe making a $600 purchase. purchase with. Etsy had some promising leads but all very expensive as well, in the $400-$600 range, with mixed reviews or not enough information. I found a video of the Todd's rig on YouTube and was very intrigued. I must have watched that video a hundred times. I looked for any indication of the quality I would be getting myself into. The sound of the blaster sliding out of the holster, the buckles clinking, and the leather creaking in the video made me feel like I understood the quality. So, I made the buy and anxiously waited. The shipping was quick and easy. Nothing special about the packaging, but, of course, that's not what I was buying it for. The belt itself is super sturdy. When bought at the proper size (read Todd's recommendations and follow them!) it's a sturdy effing belt! The buckles are nicely made, very strong. Riveting and button work looks good, professional. Droid caller is sturdy as well, which I was worried would be flimsy and cheap. It is not. It's made to last. Holster and sling are also well made and best of all feel right when you put it on and add your blaster. (remember to think about the weight of your blaster like Todd tells you. They are heavy and gravity is unforgiving.) All that said, here are my very few, and super nitpicky "issues". The pouches are made of a thinner grade leather and understandably so. I have no issues with them other than I simply haven't been able to test out how durable they are with accessories. Let me be clear, this is not a fault, I'm a worrier and a perfectionist... Both leather straps, the leg and the holster straps, are thick and hard leather. I am choosing to condition the holster strap because it interacts with the hands and needs to relax a bit. The leg strap, because of the design of the original costume piece, is not optimal. Even at its tightest it rides down and the button acts as a joint for it to bend. I will be adding a loop to the leg of my trousers to keep it in place and an extra button fastener to keep the line integrity across my leg. (Once again, not a fault of Todd's.) The holster itself and therefore the leg strap hung a little low for me, but it was an easy adjustment on my part. I simply undid the riveting and moved the holster higher up on the sling. I made this adjustment at my own risk and fully took responsibility if I had messed it up. It now fit's so perfect that I never want to take it off. I wear it doing the dishes or walking around my house. I can't wait to be able to show it off at a costume party or other events. My "issues" are just that MY issues. Nothing to do with the original build quality of Todd's. My modified and weathered AW customs DL-44 fits great. Bottom line, the quality is awesome, even for this perfectionist, the price can't be beat(I should know, I looked.) and it's so sturdy, I know it will last for the rest of my days. I'm not just happy with my rig, it has truly helped fulfill my childhood dream of having the Han Solo Hero blaster at my side. Thank you all at Todd's Costumes, I'll definitely be back. P.S. I'm wearing it now... SHHHHHH! Don't judge me. :)

Han Solo Holster Rig (ANH)

Christian on 13th Jan 2021

Absolutely perfect, fast delivery, highest quality - thank you!!!

Fantastic rig

Han Shotfirst on 20th Oct 2020

It's a damn shame that Halloween comes once a year. This is a serious rig and I'm bummed that I can't wear it daily. Very nicely done. The color was a bit lighter than the photo, but it may darken up with some Obenauf's.

Color bad

Rob on 1st Sep 2020

The rig itself is wall made but the color doesn't match the pictures nor the look of any of the movies.

Excellent craftsman ship!

Grandon on 9th Jul 2020

It was nice than expected and fits perfectly!


Remi Rodighiero on 2nd Jul 2020

I couldn't be happier with this holster. The quality is just amazing. It doesn't feel like a costume piece, it feels like a real holster. I promise that you will not regret purchasing this. You can tell that the people who made this have a tremendous amount of respect for the Star Wars films.

Solo holster

Charles Belton on 17th Jun 2020

Great product!!! Fits perfect and arrived quickly!