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NOTE ON SIZING: Belts sizes are their length in inches, so be sure to measure! The belts do not adjust for size, so measure around your waist over your trousers (trust me, you are much bigger than you think!) order as close to your actual measurement as possible. If in between sizes, I'd recommend ordering the next smaller size. Metal blasters weigh a ton, and gravity, being as relentless as it is, will do it's work unless you order the right size.

Our goal is to produce holster rigs that are as true to the originals as possible. Each movie had different holster rigs.  Although at first glance, they appear the same, the details differ considerably.

PLEASE NOTE:  Some reviewers note that the leather color they received did not match the photos.  The photos shown here are current and accurately reflect the color and aging we currently sell.


  • Genuine leather
  • Hand weathered finish
  • Stainless steel buckles
  • Stainless steel detachable drop-down hinge tabs
  • Stainless steel droid caller clip
  • Machined aluminum disk
  • Adjustable leg strap
  • Holster fits any Mauser-based blaster of correct dimensions.  We can't guarantee it will fit toys or 3D printed models of incorrect dimensions.


  • Hand-weathered two-tone dark brown leather
  • No visible stitching on utility pouches
  • No visible fasteners on front buckle hooks
  • Thick machined aluminum disk on right belt
  • Edge grooves on holster, belt, and straps
  • Front buckle opens on right side


  • Hand-weathered tan leather
  • Visible stitching on outside of utility pouches
  • Exposed rivet fasteners on front buckle hooks
  • Thin machined aluminum disk on right belt
  • No grooves on leather edges
  • Front buckle opens on left side


  • Hand-weathered tan leather
  • Visible stitching on outside of utility pouches
  • Exposed rivet fasteners on front buckle hooks
  • Thin machined aluminum disk on right belt
  • Grooves on edges of holster, but not belt or straps
  • Front buckle opens on left side

Enjoy your day as a space smuggler with our awesome holster rig!  Durable, functional, and authentic!




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Use a cloth tape to measure your hip where you want to the belt to ride. Consider the Pants you will be wearing with it, Purchase the nearest length to your measurement.
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Han Solo Belt

Hannes on 22nd Nov 2023

I'm very happy with this Item!

LOVE My Han Solo ANH Belt & Hoslter

Ryan on 20th Sep 2023

This is the stuff! Honestly, super well made and fast fulfillment. Not over night, y'all. It takes time to make these beauties. But with in four weeks of my order I had tracking and days later I had my belt. Check out my video review here: https://youtu.be/By9BA_V3tGk?si=8Dq1PFVLUa149GJ1

Han Solo gun belt

DD on 25th Jun 2023

Fantastic quality! Better than I expected. Can’t wait to receive my blaster to go with it.

Han Solo gun belt

Tim Anadon on 17th May 2022

Been wanting this holster for awhile. Tried the cheaper versions out there and they are no comparison. Todd's hits it out of the ballpark again. The stitching is very sturdy. The leather nice and thick. I use a metal airsoft DL44 and so it has just a slight slouch to it. I didn't buy the greeblies as I 3d printed my own parts. Everything fits like a glove. Oh, don't use your regular measurements. Measure exactly where you want the gun belt to hang and use that. I did that and it's perfect. Thanks again for the great work and attention to detail Todd's costumes has.

Great Rig!

Bill on 23rd Mar 2022

I purchased the ANH rig for my Han costume. The product matches the original almost perfectly, and it fits great! The pouches are a little loose for the tools I bought for it, but that’s not a huge issue. Definitely worth buying!

Han Solo Gun Belt

Nathan Andrews on 23rd Dec 2021

I really love this holster rig. The details are really well executed and the fit is perfect. I'm very happy with my purchase.

Amazing Excellent Worth the Cost

Mike M on 6th Dec 2021

I wore my holster to an all day comic con event yesterday and it performed amazing. Unlilke a cheaper version I had bought, Todd's costume holster stayed in place was comfotable and never once cam unhooked or fell off moving all day and sitting down. For me they are worth the money when the cheaper ones will not stay attached. Finally the sizing info is perfect guideline. I am waist 32 jeans but bought 38 inch holster I was worried it woudl be too big but it is perfect.


KLIFF on 28th Oct 2021

If you are on the fence get it. This is the best by far I have ever seen. So happy I got it. Great detail, good quality materials. I would wear it everyday if I could.