I don't blame you if you didn't know what this was called. I had no idea what it was called before I started making them. "Shoulder pad" didn't seem right.

Maximus wore one of these on his left shoulder with his Morocco, Carthage, and Tigris arena armor. For the Morocco scenes, it was attached to a wide leather strap slung over his shoulder. During the Carthage and Tigris scenes, it attached directly to the shoulder strap of the cuirass. Mine has an adjustable strap that will work with either setup. Since it is asymmetrical, it only fits on the left shoulder.

Mine is made just like the screen used pauldrons I have examined. It starts with a fiberglass shell, carefully trimmed and smoothed around the edges. The center is covered with blackish brown leather, over which painted resin decorations are attached. Shoulder and an arm strap with a buckle adjustment are attached. It is then padded on the underside and lined with leather. The whole thing receives artificial aging/distressing before we call it "done".

These are made in our California workshop, so please inquire about waiting times, usually around 4-6 weeks.



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