This little cylinder was used on props throughout the Star Wars movies. Originally radial engine cylinders from various Veron radio controlled model air plane kits manufactured in the UK during the mid-late 20th century. The Star Wars prop department had these and other Veron kit parts popping up all over the place.


The Com link!


On the Blaster Guns!


On the Land Speeder!


And much more….


No better way to authenticate and complete your props and projects than with these original cylinders


Made out of ABS plastic


Please note that these are sold as a set of 3. 

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So cool!

Emily on 3rd Mar 2021

Absolutly perfect. Thank you so much for producing parts that are no longer available.


Kevin on 2nd Oct 2019

These are awesome! Thanks for selling an awesome product and thanks for shipping so fast!

Quality, and a three for one deal.

Gary on 10th Mar 2018

Not only do you get the cylinders made out of high quality plastic without the cleanup you would need for 3D printed parts, but I have seen the 3Ds costing more for just ONE cylinder than this set of three. I originally got a set included in Todd's DL-44 accessory kit, and was so impressed I bought 3 more cylinder kits for other blaster builds like Greedo's gun and Princess Leia's Tantive IV and Endor guns.

Completely accurate and still very inexpensive Avron cylinders

Damion Ramirez on 2nd Nov 2016

These are just fantastic! They are sold separately at a very low price each, are totally screen accurate and are very easy to cut for making the grill for your ANH DL-44 Blaster. It takes 3 of them to make one complete grill/heat sink. I highly recommend these cylinders if you want your blaster to be as accurate as possible to the real prop. Thanks Todd!