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Xena Costume Dress Pattern

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If you want to make your own Xena dress, you can start with my standard dress pattern. It is a full-size pattern on heavy paper that will start you in the right direction. The pattern is for an average size, Xena-shaped woman. You'll need some pattern-making skills to alter it to fit. Also included are illustrated sewing instructions. This pattern omits the elaborate lining and extensive boning of my custom made dresses.

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    Saved a lot of time not starting from scratch!

    Posted by Liane Laskoske on 25th Sep 2016

    After trying to figure out a pattern, I bought Todd's Xena pattern. Definitely need intermediate or higher dressmaking skills for this one. The size grading wasn't too bad, I make muslins to test everything anyway. Fit the muslin garment then take it apart and use it as your pattern. I did have to adjust a side seam length on pattern piece B as it did not match up with C. Adding 1" did the trick, and the whole thing went together quite easily. I bought the hardware kit, which saved me a lot of running around shopping. The only thing is, I had trouble keeping the medallion stuck to the dress. Regular fabric glue didn't hold it when the dress folded (my bad), but I solved it by putting two stiches of buttonhole twist around and through the medallion at inconspicuous points. It's difficult, but possible with a good grip on the needle. Looking forward to making the same bodice with a different skirt on it for another project. Here is my creation:

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    And it worked ! / Et ça fonctionne !

    Posted by Epiphane on 15th Apr 2015

    We were two to make it ! We needed time because first of all, we never had use a sewing machine before haha, and secondly we are french ! So it takes a while to understand all the vocabulary, and i'd lied if I say that we didn't have the luck to know some professionals of sewing and leather to give us tips. Then after some evenings hurting our fingers, some changements on the patern (be careful about the right and left sides of the bodice ...), and using half of the harware kit, here it is :) : Honestly I'm proud lol, and we would never have been able to do it without this pattern. Thx Todd ;) FR: Nous étions deux pour le faire! Il y a eu un temps d’adaptation car, avant tout, nous n’avions jamais fait de couture à la machine auparavant haha, et secondairement, toutes les explications sont évidemment en anglais, donc il faut traduire et appréhender tout le vocabulaire de couture anglo-saxon. J’avoue également que nous avons la chance de fréquenter des professionnels du cuir qui nous ont pas mal conseillés. Ainsi, après un certain nombre de soirées à nous blesser doigts, plusieurs changements sur le patron (quelques erreurs se promènes, soyez par exemple prudent concernant les côtés gauche et droite du bustier ...), et en utilisant la moitié du kit vendu sur ce site (nous avons écarté le médaillon car nous espérons le faire nous-même, et le crochet du chakram car son cuire se décollait), voici le résultat :): Très franchement, je suis fier haha. Et il est vrai que nous n’aurions jamais atteint ce résultat sans ce patron, car malgré ses quelques erreurs (ce qui explique mes 4 étoiles), il réunit et donne énormément d’informations difficiles à trouver par soi-même. Merci Todd ;)