Own the trusty staff that saved Gabrielle and her pal Xena from many a scrape! From a walking stick to bo staff, this beauty did it all. Made from carved pine, like the original prop, with natural jute hand grips, leather trim, and natural fur. Perfect for display, Halloween costumes, or cosplay. Length is 65".

3/11/2024 I haven't had these in stock for a while, but I am offering a preorder for a new run. If I have enough orders by 3/31/2024 I will start a new run, to be completed by mid April, 2024. If there is not enough interest, I will return your money and not proceed with the run. Thanks!

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Victoria Unger on 4th Oct 2019

Looks amazing and works great for walking too!!!!!!

Excellent Replica of Gabriele Staff

Walter Paul Interrante on 21st Aug 2018

I was hesitant on buying it at first, the staff, because even though I love allot of the props from the show they can get a bit pricey. I ended buying the staff because I really liked the progression of Gabrielle's character when she was using it. There were tons of weapons used in Xena but the staff was my favorite. It was the most effective and the least invasive as well. Basically what I mean it wasn't designed to kill anyone. In saying that Gabrielle's staff would be something that I wouldn't mind having as a showpiece lying around the house. That being said it is a very detailed piece! The price isn't actaully that bad either. I had looked on eBay and other websites such as Etsy for a while but the cost from these links were almost double in price and way too expensive to ship. I would highly recommend the props from Todd's Costumes because what I bought was well designed and the customer service is extremely friendly.