I make these incredible gauntlets from leather, my own mesh fabric, miles of straps, and lots of hardware. The left gauntlet covers the forearm, closes in the back with three strap/buckles, and laces at the wrist with kangaroo leather laces.The right gauntlet covers the forearm and upper arm. The back closes with four strap/buckles and elastic laces at the wrist. A small triangle of metal chain maile covers the back of the hand.

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Amazing Callisto gauntlets

Callisto Fan on 13th Jan 2012

Just like the Callisto kneegards I got these Callistl gauntlets They are made with the messurments I sent in for me, and I truly got what I payed for the fresh leather and detial are amazing seeing it all up and close. They truly are what are just like what you see on Xena. The staff do work with you if there are any issues and the survice is fast truly I could not ask for anything more and once agian Thank you Todd's coustumes you guys are so amazing