Han Solo DL-44 Complete Blaster (In Stock)

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Now THIS is a good blaster to have at your side!  Perfect for display, conventions, collecting, or just because it's cool!

Our long awaited Han Solo DL-44 Blaster is the result of a year and a half's worth of fanatical research. We've procured all of the original elements that are currently available including Veron model kit cylinders and pushrods, Hensoldt-Wetzlar scopes, and MG-81 flash suppressor and adapter. We've spec'd them all in minute detail. We've searched out the best manufacturers for each of the parts required to duplicate this prop, down to the screws. What we're offering here is incredibly close to the real prop.

How fanatical?  Well, we've reproduced every detail that COULD be reproduced, even those details you will never see. Such as the threaded bull barrel (the original custom Mauser was made for a Frank Sinatra spy movie and included a threaded rifle barrel that could be screwed on.)  Such as the internal scope parts with painted surfaces and bare surfaces exactly as the original scopes. Such as using 3 Veron cylinders to construct the "grille" instead of making an easier, simpler (and cheaper) one piece grille. Yep, now THAT is fanatical!

We offer 2 finishes. "Factory New" (pictured on WHITE background) is as the DL-44 would have appeared in the laser gun store display case. "Battle Worn" (pictured on BLACK background) is as close as we can come to the finish as used on screen.

For the "battle worn" finish we do our best to duplicate every scratch and chip that is visible in the available reference photos.  The entire model gun is disassembled, and buffed by hand to simulate years of handling. The bolt, hammer, and thumbscrew are given a dull finish with a fiber wheel.  The scope and scope bracket are tumbled in a container of abrasives to simulate the dings, dents, and scratches seen on the original. Then we hand-chip the paint on the ends of the scope, the scope mounting bar, and thumb nuts using original photos as reference. We add the distinctive scratches to the sides of the scope, and burnish the flash hider to a grey finish. Then we use a variety of sandpapers to highlight certain hi-wear edges and corners. It's a crazy amount of work.

Features include:

Custom made Hensoldt-Wetzlar scope made of all original materials, and real optical lenses! More than 27 individual parts!

Grille made of 3 Veron model kit cylinders

Denix C-96 Mauser replica customized especially for this prop

Steel bull barrel complete with threads for the rifle barrel extension (as seen when the original gun appeared in "Naked Runner")

Custom made steel MG81 flash hider and mounting collar

Steel scope mounting bracket and hardware

Barrel greeblies made of PVC and ABS plastic

Functioning hammer, trigger and bolt!

Grab one of these beautiful props while we can still make them available!

We now have these in stock for immediate delivery!

Disclaimer: Despite copying the lenses from real original Hensoldt-Wetzlar scopes, they unfortunately do not focus for distance.

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    This may be the best thing i have ever paid money for

    Posted by robokopco@yahoo.com on 14th Sep 2018

    Food, water, shelter, this blaster; these are the four things a Star Wars fan needs to survive. If you can afford it, but are on the fence about picking this up, do yourself a favor and pull the trigger, it’s absolutely worth it. From flash hider to scope to mounts to greeblies this is an absolutely beautiful piece that I could not recommend more.

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    anthonys blaster

    Posted by Anthony Hopkins on 21st Aug 2018

    Well worth the wait set of wooden grips and it is now exactly like the screen version prop way more accurate than master replicas

  • 5
    Be careful Stormtroopers !!

    Posted by R Briones on 21st Aug 2018

    I received my "Battle Worn" DL-44 and it is by far the best replica for the money.
    Really fantastic in terms of quality.

    It feels so real that even when I sent it to my home (outside the USA), I got a warning from the customs services that I was sending a real gun !!

  • 5
    Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid

    Posted by Bobby Sussman on 13th Aug 2018

    An incredible replica. Solid, sturdy, and heavy! I mean really heavy! I'm waiting for my Holster to show up and I wonder how much it's going to be tugged down due to the weight of this blaster. It's that heavy, but by no means does that diminish it. I've just gotten used to 40 years of hollow plastic pistols, so if anything this is the most accurate representation of Han Solo's blaster in both look and weight.

    I highly recommend this beautiful piece for both your display case and for cosplay. Best replica I have ever owned. Thank you, Todd's Costumes, for making this available. Well worth the wait.

  • 5
    Perfect for every Nerf-herder

    Posted by Sidney Smeets on 13th Aug 2018

    It took a while to get to me (and the import tax was a blow) but i couldn't be happier with the blaster. It's heavy, metal and scree accurate. I am so glad I took the time to do the research and find out this is absolutely the best quality replica out there. Highly recommended.

  • 5

    Posted by NL on 11th Aug 2018

    I purchased the Battle Worn version, and the belt.
    The waiting period was roughly 8 weeks, as expected. And all I can say is that is was worth the wait. It's simply fantastic! The weight, the feel, the look are simply incredible.
    So, thank you! I can't be happier.
    5 solid stars.

  • 4
    Awesome blaster!

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Aug 2018

    I bought the battle worn version. It is fantastic! Weathering is great, super detailed. Everything looks just how you expect from the pictures. Two reasons I gave 4 stars: 1) the wait, be prepared to wait, customer service is very friendly though, I got regular updates when I asked for it and quick responses. 2) The grips are plastic NOT wood. For the money I paid I was expecting some nice wood grips. This is literally my only complaint though, everything else about the blaster is perfect and screen accurate as far as I can tell.

    TL;DR Awesome blaster, be ready to wait a while, grips are plastic not wood

  • 5
    This is the best blaster!

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Jul 2018

    This blaster is outstanding! A real look-alike to the real thing from ANH! It was so worth the long wait, and now I have prop to cosplay with without it breaking like my 3D printed version! I give my full thumbs-up to Todd's Costume on this product!

  • 5

    Posted by brandenismad@yahoo.com on 27th Jul 2018

    I purchased this back in February and have waited awhile to receive this and let me tell this thing is rock solid sturdy it truly is a all metal design