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Keep your hat clean with this professional hat brush. 10 1/2 curved hardwood handle and horsehair bristles work quickly to remove lint and dust and smooth the felt fibers. Brush hat while dry to remove everyday lint and dust. Use a little steam from a kettle for deeper cleaning.

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A great brush for all hat felts

Mariodonato Lombardini on 13th Oct 2019

This brush is really fantastic: he don't loose a single hair, the price is great and he is the strongest on the market! Thanks Todd's!

Hat brush

9th Oct 2019

Purchased for a beaver felt hat. The brush appears to be real horse hair and works quite well. The price was fair for the quality. There are better hat brushes on the market, but this brush is the best value.

Great Brush

1st Jun 2015

now that I have my brush my indy hat is always clean

A sturdy brush.

Duncan Stott on 14th Apr 2014

This hat brush has a nice chunky feel to it. The curve in the handle is useful for brushing around the hat curves. The bristles remove dust and lint well. It does what it's supposed to do. Go forth and buy one.

Keep those dust bunnies at bay!

Christian T. Guldager on 20th Sep 2011

Your hat WILL get dusty, it will eventually get covered in that ugly grey homedust and the only way to get it out safely is to use one of these brushes. It does the job easy and beautifully efficient. Get this if you want to take care of your fedora.