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Super quality plastic strips perfect for your Star Wars prop weapon project.  Under the assumption that this stuff was originally sliding cabinet door track,  we had this made from PVC like real sliding door track.  Slightly asymmetrical like the original stuff.  We offer this in several kits with pre-cut pieces (including a little extra for hand fitting). 

Kit #1:   6 strips 4" long for Luke ESB lightsaber
Kit #2:   7 strips 4" long for Luke or Vader ANH lightsaber
Kit #3:   6 strips 5" long for Vader ANH or ESB lightsaber
Kit #4:   6 strips 8" long for E-11 stormtrooper blaster
Kit #5:   12 strips 8" long for Boba Fett ROTJ blaster
Kit #6:   12 strips 10" long for DLT-19 stormtrooper blaster

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Vader Grips

Joe Bialek on 12th Jul 2022

Perfect fit, well made products. Fast shipping and well packed. 4 for 4 is a good day at the plate. Thanks!


Emily on 3rd Mar 2021

Absolutly perfect. Thank you so much for producing parts that are no longer available.

Great Product

Kieran Fellowes on 4th Nov 2020

Was exactly what I wanted and it didn’t disappoint. Quality is great!

Great Product!

Jordan on 6th Jun 2020

Once I cut them down to size, they fit perfectly and look great!


Jason R Peattie on 23rd May 2020

These are absolutely perfect! I can't wait to mount them on my new Graflex handle. Super fast shipping to boot.


Trent on 22nd Aug 2019

I am so happy with this track. I was so surprised to see this has the exact same asymmetric profile that the screen used track has. It's literally identical. Thanks!

Grips Review

Alex on 8th May 2019

I received grips for my esb and anh graflex build and i absolutely love the quality. The asymmetrical profile is perfect for those OT builds.

Todd's T-track Grips

Iron Destiny Props on 17th Mar 2019

These T-track grips are excellent in that they are asymmetrical in their cross section which provide the installer with a highly accurate rendition of the T-track used on the Star Wars props seen in the OT films. The one drawback with these grips is that they tend to arrive with slight surface imperfections and scratches on them. Other than that, they are a pleasure to cut and notch for accurate lightsaber installs.