Han Solo Holster Rig DIY Hardware Kit

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Got the urge to make your own Han Solo Holster rig?  We've got what you need to make it truly awesome.

This kit contains all of the hardware you will need for your rig.  The main parts are our own custom made hardware, inspired by the originals in the Lucasfilm archives.  I say, "inspired by" because these are better made than what was used on screen.

Our custom made parts are stainless steel, and all attachments are welded in place.  A satin brushed finish provides a nice sheen, which you can easily polish if you prefer a different look.

The kit includes:

  • 1 Front stainless steel buckle with welded fixtures
  • 1 Back stainless steel buckle with welded fixtures
  • 1 Left and 1 right stainless steel closure hooks
  • 1 Stainless steel droid caller clip with 2 flat-head assembly rivets
  • 1 Aluminum machined disk with steel rivet and washer
  • 6 Domed cap rivets for attaching hooks and clip to the belt.
  • 2 Stainless steel hinges to attach the holster to the belt
  • 6 Large rivets to assemble the holster to the hanger
  • 23 snaps

That's almost a pound and a half of hardware!  (over 130 pieces!)

Save yourself a lot of grief!  Get our hardware kit and you'll have everything you need to complete your rig!

Available in "A New Hope" and "The Empire Strikes Back" versions (the buckles and hooks are different.)


The hardware is made to fit belts or straps up to 2" wide. Some small amount of hand filing may be required to fit your specific rig.

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    Best kit for the money.

    Posted by M on 23rd Mar 2016

    They made it making an ESB Han Solo gunbelt so much easier with this kit. Thanks!

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    Posted by Allen on 20th Feb 2016

    I've been hunting for a buckle set for 8+ years, and Todd has far surpassed my expectations. This set has everything I needed, and some stuff I didn't even know I needed. Everything fit together perfectly, with no adjustments needed, and everything looks great. Anyone with an any experience working with leather should have no trouble figuring out how everything goes together.

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    Very good looking setup for the money.

    Posted by M on 10th Feb 2016

    WE haven't gotten it totally together just yet, but from the looks of it, it's pretty much quality workmanship. Very smooth finish on the metal. Accurate size too for most adult frames. For the person who likes to DIY, this is the best price.

  • 3
    Poor Fit and finish. Useable, but requires some dremel work.

    Posted by Pro Leather worker on 26th Jan 2016

    Overall quality of the product is fair. you could see the dimples from the welded loops on the back of the buckles. Also, the clearances were different on every loop, almost like they just winged it. I was able to decipher how to put it together after test fitting all the buckle ends in the welded loops, however, I still had to grind one buckle end down. If I were to do this again I'm not sure I'd go with these due to the ill fitting components. Also they send a variety of rivets with, but there's no guide for where to use them, they are also fairly cheap rivets, I just tossed them all and used a higher quality, but that required reaming out the rivet holes in the metal. Also the holes in the stainless buckle ends that need to be riveted on are too close to the bend, it doesn't allow you to set the rivets without putting an indent into either the cap or the base of the rivets. Not a well thought out design. I ended up having to trim 1/8 inch off of the tabs in order to be able to set the rivets cleanly. If I were selling these, I'd make a call to the guy making these and get some adjustments in the design fixed. I'd also send a diagram of where the rivets are supposed to go.

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    Finally... someone who makes this kit with quality parts

    Posted by Ron Geary on 13th Jul 2015

    I LOVE this kit. ALL the hardware is sturdy and made of quality materials. Mine required some minor filing on the holster to belt buckle connectors to make them fit but nothing I'm not prepared for in a kit.
    I intend to make a shinny BLACK gun slinger rig and a dual holster rig. I also plan to buy both styles so I can make several types of leathers and mix buckles to get different looks.