Xena Gabrielle Costume | Skirt

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For the ultimate in casual woods-dwelling drifter style, try one of these custom made wrap-around skirts!I hand-dye the fabric to a sort of pumpkin/rust color. The fabric has a great drape and weight (I found a piece of the original fabric and I use it to find fabrics that are a perfect match) It has six panels that overlap. The edges are stitched and then frayed. There is velcro at the top to hold the belt in place, which is listed separately on this web site. This was yet another fine example of a simple-looking piece that can drive you nuts to try to make, since it is way more complicated than it looks (I'm sure You've seen a lot of not-so-great-looking ones out there). If you want one made, I will custom fit it to your measurements.

Custom created to your exact measurments.