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Indiana Jones has worn these trousers in all of his adventures around the globe. Locations from Egypt to the Amazon, activities from digging to dodging, these are the pants he relied on.

Our reproduction of the trousers worn in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" is based on extensive research about the actual trousers worn by Harrison Ford in his role as Indiana Jones.

With some garments, the fabric is the key. In this case, we duplicated the original fabric in fiber, weave, weight and color. Lightweight, 100% worsted wool cavalry twill, a fabric that was originally used for horse riding breeches because of it's durability. This wool is lightweight and is comfortable in all but the hottest climates.

Other details that are true to the original trousers are 4" military hems, two button flap pockets, five button fly, and authentic internal details such as suspender buttons (yep, they were in the pants used in the movie!)

The only way to get closer to the real movie trousers is to take a time machine back 30 years and steal a pair.


Our Indiana Jones style pants are sold by ACTUAL size.

Most store brands do not accurately label their pants (that's why you've got to try on three pairs until you find one that fits.) Manufacturers usually fudge on the label size. We've decided to take the guess-work out of ordering our trousers. We sell exactly the size they measure.

MEASURE YOUR WAIST. Don't guess - MEASURE YOUR WAIST. Yes, your waist is a few inches larger than you thought. Order the measurement of your waist. Then go on a diet.

Unless you bust out the tape measure, you are simply guessing. MEASURE YOURSELF.

NOTE: our trousers were mis-labeled at the factory. We have measured each and every pair by hand to ensure you get one that measures exactly as listed. I you think we sent you the wrong size, measure the pants to be sure you got what you ordered.

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    Great pants!

    Posted by Al on 4th Oct 2012

    I just got the Indy pants and I have to say these are nice pants! Great soft material, neat weave. I can't believe that these are the pants Indy traipsed around the world in, they are so nice! I am impressed and extremely happy with my Todd's purchases. I have the shirt, pants and boots and they are all top notch! I'm probably going to buy more stuff! Thanks, Todd.

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    Posted by Bryan on 2nd Oct 2012

    Pants fit exactly as described on the measuring guide. Use a tape measure and wrap around your waist at the belly button. Whatever number comes back, that's the waist size that you order. No questions asked.

    Construction is high quality and very comfortable.

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    Best quality pants I own!

    Posted by Chris on 27th Sep 2012

    These are the best quality pants I own. I'm super impressed by the quality of the material and the little details that go into making these. They even have the inside-the-waistband suspender buttons. I ordered the pants a bit big so that I could have them custom-tailored to me. Great buy. Highly recommend!

  • 5
    Terrific Trousers!

    Posted by Jordan on 26th Sep 2012

    I can't quite describe just how accurate these pants are. The pockets, the color, the hem...even the old fashioned label inside! It's all perfect, and the material is A+ as well. A great buy indeed!

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    Nice Pants!

    Posted by Doug on 17th Sep 2012

    I have been overly satisfied with all of Todd's products but I am still continuing to be impressed by his merchandise! These pants are amazing and comfortable and light weight! Screen accuracy is 100%! They even have the military hem which is not noticed by most! Go with Todd's you will not be disappointed!

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    The nicest pants I own.

    Posted by Frobozz on 30th Aug 2012

    The construction is top notch. They are a good deal longer than my legs, so I will need to find a tailor who is able to correct it while preserving the awesome doubled-back hem style. If they weren't dry clean only I would wear them at least once a week. I will get to use them once or twice a month instead.

    These are quite a bit heavier than I expected. Pleasantly surprised. We shall see how they do on a hot day, but they are perfect for most months of the year.

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    Dress to Impress

    Posted by Jonathan on 30th Aug 2012

    These are quite simply the best Indiana Jones pants out there. Perfect attention to deatil. Screen accurate styling. Great cut, and comfortable fit. These pants are as good as, if not better than, ones you'd find in a suit shop. The only other place you could find pants like this, would be from Indy himself. Whether you are at work, searching for treasure, or out on the town, you'll allways be in style.

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    nice pants

    Posted by indy30 on 8th Aug 2012

    Fit nicely and well made Indy pants!

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    Very good pants

    Posted by ZHund on 16th Jul 2012

    I ordered my waist size, which ended up being a bit too loose. I called and ordered 2 inches smaller, which ended up being one size bigger than my normal pants size, and they fit great. I'll have to get them hemmed, but that is no issue. The exchange went great as well. The quality is what you expect for the price, but I can say that these could easily sell for more due to the craftsmanship. They appear accurate down to the small details and I'm very happy with my order.