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Indiana Jones has worn these trousers in all of his adventures around the globe. Locations from Egypt to the Amazon, activities from digging to dodging, these are the pants he relied on.

Our reproduction of the trousers worn in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" is based on extensive research about the actual trousers worn by Harrison Ford in his role as Indiana Jones.

With some garments, the fabric is the key. In this case, we duplicated the original fabric in fiber, weave, weight and color. Lightweight, 100% worsted wool cavalry twill, a fabric that was originally used for horse riding breeches because of it's durability. This wool is lightweight and is comfortable in all but the hottest climates.

Other details that are true to the original trousers are 4" military hems, two button flap pockets, five button fly, and authentic internal details such as suspender buttons (yep, they were in the pants used in the movie!)

The only way to get closer to the real movie trousers is to take a time machine back 30 years and steal a pair.


Our Indiana Jones style pants are sold by ACTUAL size.

Most store brands do not accurately label their pants (that's why you've got to try on three pairs until you find one that fits.) Manufacturers usually fudge on the label size. We've decided to take the guess-work out of ordering our trousers. We sell exactly the size they measure.

MEASURE YOUR WAIST. Don't guess - MEASURE YOUR WAIST. Yes, your waist is a few inches larger than you thought. Order the measurement of your waist. Then go on a diet.

Unless you bust out the tape measure, you are simply guessing. MEASURE YOURSELF.

NOTE: our trousers were mis-labeled at the factory. We have measured each and every pair by hand to ensure you get one that measures exactly as listed. I you think we sent you the wrong size, measure the pants to be sure you got what you ordered.

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    Posted by Jason Warburton on 28th Oct 2014

    I love the fit and little details on these pants. Incredibly comfortable and drape well. Even included suspender buttons and a rubber inner-waist, really great!!

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    Awesome Indy pants!

    Posted by James S on 17th Oct 2014

    I recently received these, and it looks as good as advertised! The fabric, the build quality, and the fitment (32x30 in my case) are about as good as you can ask for. It did give me a realization that I need to get in better shape as the 32 size has been very snug on me. ;-)

    Anyways, a definite home run in my book!

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    Best pants ever.

    Posted by Clayton Wendler on 4th Aug 2014

    These are not just great Indy pants, they are great pants, period. The fabric is amazing, and so lightweight and cool.

    Make sure you follow the instructions. I am a size 33/34 waist and ordered 35x32 just to be sure. They fit perfect.

    I am 6-0, 180 lbs just for reference.

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    Wow ... just wow ...

    Posted by Matt on 18th Jul 2014

    I was hesitant to shell out $85 but I'm very glad I went ahead and pulled the trigger on this one. These are some really nice pants without even considering the screen accuracy factor. I will likely wear them for teaching quite a bit, regardless of whether it's Halloween or not. Waiting on an Akubra hat and an on sale US Wings jacket to complete my Indy wardrobe. I even have an original MK VII gas mask bag from 1941. NOT paying for Aldens though. Just don't have the cash. Anyway, I digress. Measure like it says and hope your size is available. If it is, ORDER! These are the real deal.

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    These trousers belong to Indiana Jones

    Posted by Stan Cowie on 25th Apr 2014

    You will not find a better pair of Indiana Jones trousers than these. Perfect design, perfect colour. Perfect tailoring. Extremely comfortable to wear.

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    Finally a true pair of Indy pants!

    Posted by TJ Scronce on 11th Dec 2013

    After bouncing from one close enough pair of slacks to another close enough pair, I'm very pleased to have made the purchase for a pair of Todd's Indy pants. The fabric is very comfortable, the fit is just right so long as you follow the given instructions and make sure you measure yourself properly, the look matches what you see on Indy on screen and the color is impeccable! Truly a pair to own for anyone wanting to look their best as Indy. At this rate, I'll soon be a walking billboard for Todd's.

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    New Pants, Vintage Fit

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Aug 2013

    Great pants, you can't find a more screen accurate reproduction.

    Like Todd and many others have said: measure, measure, measure. They're true to your waist size. Because they have a high-waisted vintage cut, your inseam will be a bit shorter as well. Worn on the waist, they're baggy and the crotch sits low, just like on screen.

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    Definitely a step up from Dockers

    Posted by Steve on 13th Oct 2012

    First, the bad: I was actually excited that it had suspender buttons because I had plans for using it with suspenders and another outfit, but there are no buttons in the back. Ah well, easily enough fixed.

    Second, be aware of two things on sizing: 1) The waist dimensions are the waist dimensions. There is no vanity factor there. If you have to suck in your belly painfully to measure a 32" waist you're going to have to suck in you belly painfully to wear the pants if you order a 32" waist. Second, the cut is very 1930s. With a 30" inseam I have to wear the pants very high to make them work.

    All that said, they are wonderful pants. They look nice with a tweed blazer and they definitely improve my Indy costume over tan Dockers. I started with a "close enough" Indy costume and am gradually replacing it with stuff from Todd's. Got the jacket and the pants. Probably go with the bag next. An amazing value for what you are getting and I'm glad I went with these instead of just something "close enough".

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    good pants

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Oct 2012

    Comfortable, durable, looks great. Fits well.