Han Solo Holster Rig

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NOTE ON SIZING: Belts sizes are their length in inches, so be sure to measure! The belts do not adjust for size, so measure around your waist over your trousers (trust me, you are much bigger than you think!) order as close to your actual measurement as possible. If in between sizes, I'd recommend ordering the next smaller size. Metal blasters weigh a ton, and gravity, being as relentless as it is, will do it's work unless you order the right size.

We worked really, really hard on this!

I thought it looked pretty straightforward.  So simple!  But despite the abundance of photos available, there were still many mysteries left to solve.  The obsession grew.  Mostly involving the hardware - the rigging on the back of the buckles, the attachment of the holster, the shape of the hooks on the ends of the belt.  I wanted to bring you a holster rig as faithful to the original wardrobe prop as possible, but still practical and affordable.  Eventually, the mysteries were solved to my satisfaction and those details were included in our design.

Now to the details!  The holster rigs are made from 10 ounce cowhide leather with a natural finish.  The belt compartments are cut from thinner leather, hand stitched with heavy saddle-grade waxed thread, with functioning snaps.  Our buckles are made from stainless steel with welded rigging on the back.  The belt end hooks are stainless steel, and each end, each movie version has a different design!  Yeah, they're all different, wouldn't you know!  The holster portion articulates as the screen used rigs did, with a full 45 degree range of motion.  Each belt features an aluminum disk of proper design according to your chosen movie version (Except for ROTJ which uses the ESB disk).  The stainless steel droid caller clip is much sturdier than the aluminum ones used on screen.

 The holster will fit any 1:1 scale blaster replica with the original dimensions.  An adjustable leg strap keeps everything secure.

Enjoy your day as a space smuggler with our awesome holster rig!  Durable, functional, and authentic!




Use a cloth tape to measure your hip where you want to the belt to ride. Consider the Pants you will be wearing with it, Purchase the nearest length to your measurement.

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    Han Solo ANH Holster - 5 ENTHUSIASTIC STARS

    Posted by Juan M. Cavazos on 14th Sep 2018

    I have made several purchases with Todd’s. Costumes now and have, not once, been even remotely dissatisfied. In fact, truly impressed with the superb quality of each product that I have received from this company. The communication, via email, was consistent and timely. They initially were out of stock with my size but gave me an estimated time of arrival and notified me, via email, when my size was in stock. I am so thrilled that I waited. I am a California resident. Perhaps this is why this item was at my door within 2 days of purchase. None the less, They ship quickly and are very thorough with notifications, from purchase to shipping. This holster is, without question, quality at it’s best. The craftsmanship is highly professional. The look, feel, and fit, are perfect. Combined with one of, if not, the best price point anywhere on line, one must give this product an enthusiastic 5 STAR rating. This holster WILL NOT disappoint! Thank you Todd’s Costumes, for providing us with high quality at a reasonable price. It is with great joy that I willingly submit this review.

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    Posted by Nathan Morse on 10th Sep 2018

    Love love love this belt/holster! I’m still not sure the best way to figure the sizing. I’m a 34 waist but got a 38 and I was freakin out I screwed it up but it fits perfect! I have the airsoft DL-44 and it fits amazing and the holster holds the weight of the blaster perfect. I have a Solo belt buckle from Anovos and I like the buckle from Todd’s much better. Hey Todd next time can you and your team make the Solo jacket from ESB??? Please make more stuff so I can give you all me money!! I told my wife to bury in this belt!!
    Thanks again!!

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    A first time customer at Todd’s

    Posted by Kevin on 4th Sep 2018

    Overall the materials used to make this rig are top notch! The leather is thick and durable. The color is great. The stitching material is strong. The snaps are perfect. It looks fantastic. And the steel buckles are awesome. If I was only a costume wearer or a comic con guy it would be perfect. But I am not so I do have some gripes:

    The riveting on my droid caller was loose and wobbly.

    The holster was too big.

    The form of the drop that connects to the holster was too wide.

    The strap that secured the pistol in the holster is too short.

    The greebly pockets sewing was not clean or straight.

    I am an airsoft player and use the Armorer Works DL-44. It is a 1-1 scale replica of the C96 (the gun the DL44 is modeled after). Meaning it is the exact same size as the real steel. When the gun sits in the holster I have a good inch and a half of empty void from the base of the mag to the leather. The strap to secure the pistol in the holster is about a snap with too short and if you really crank on it and pull and stretch the leath you can get it to snap but the tension it creates is very hard on the snap itself. And as I mentioned above the leather part that the holster is riveted too is too wide as if the holster was milder to the correct size it would stick out about an extra inch and half. Lastly the greebly pockets on the belt itself, in my opinion seemed rushed and did not have straight clean lines.

    I would really love to change all this and was hoping to work with Todd’s better ahead of my purchase but I did not feel they really wanted to help.

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    really nice holster!

    Posted by Branden on 29th Aug 2018

    It’s a really nice holster made vary well, and I love it!

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    Amazing holster!!

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Aug 2018

    Holster fits and looks perfect. Customer service from the store was top notch. Liked it so much, I bought myself a vest!

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    solo gun rig

    Posted by craig twyman on 20th Jul 2018

    Great item , wonderful quality but a little on the small size for a 38”
    I’m a 34” waist and this belt just fits

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    the real Han Solo holster lol

    Posted by Brandon on 4th Jul 2018

    Found this website online looking for a blaster and ordered the ANH holster. Excellent build quality. Everybody over there does excellent work! Would absolutely buy from again

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    outstanding craftsmanship

    Posted by Michael on 26th Jun 2018

    Really impressed with the detail and craftsmanship, just waiting on the blaster I ordered, also from Todd’s, and I should be all set. Extremely well made and a fair price for the work.

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    Can’ t go wrong!

    Posted by Gary on 24th Jun 2018

    Don’t waste your time with the ones on Amazon and eBay . I did and they were cheap junk.This item is top notch. Heavy duty leather and stainless steel just like the original!The only thing is I wish it had a “ broken in “ or weathered option. Well worth it!