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  • Todd's Costumes Cotton Canvas Bag is patterned from the same vintage bags used in the Indiana Jones movies
  • Our replica bag, the type used by "Indiana Jones", contains all the details of the original, including hardware and internal pockets and dividers.
  • Add a leather strap to our "Indiana Jones" replica bag for a ready-to-wear solution!

Indiana Jones Satchel Bag

5 Stars

Product Description

Indiana Jones Satchel. Indiana Jones carried the same bag in all four films - a British MKVII gas mask bag a WWII vintage. This reproduction, made exclusively for Todd's Costumes, has all the details of the originals. Really. The same interior compartments, the same pattern, even the tie string to go around your chest as the soldiers did. This Indiana Jones bag is made of sturdy canvas, these bags are just as rugged as the original military issue, perfectly suitable for use as a field bag or book bag to carry your phone, tablet, or netbook. The dimensions are 11" x 10" x 3". Indiana Jones Satchel available with or without our popular leather strap. 

Strap Length 65''




bag strap installation (05:15)
Todd from Todd's Costumes shows you how to attach a leather strap to your Indiana Jones bag or satchel.
  • bag strap installation
    Todd from Todd's Costumes shows you how to attach a leather st...

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  1. BEST BAG EVER 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Jul 2012

    I got this bag from my friend, hardly used, (He couldn't climb trees with it flopping around, I traded a machete for it) and god am I pleased. For the time I have had it (1 month) I have put it through hell, and it comes out looking almost perfect. It is tough, it is reliable, and the best peice of gear I own (Aside from my whip) I love it!!!

  2. Great bag 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Jul 2012

    First thought when opening the pacakge: "Wow, that canvas seems really dark."

    But as I examined it more, I came to the conclusion that the color is good, it's just new. That is to say, the screen Indy bag is used and worn. This one will get there in time.

    The bag seems sturdy enough and as a bonus, it fits an iPad just about perfectly!

    I purchased it with the leather strap. The strap is very cool, but also very, very stiff. I'm going to let the bag age naturally (rather than try to artificially distress it), but I think I'm going to hit the strap with some leather conditioner to try to get some suppleness to it.

  3. Authentic. Small. Pure Happiness. 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Jun 2012

    First off its small....the satchel that is. Although If you compare the satchel and your body to pics of indie and his, it's pretty much exactly the same. So you just have to come to the realization that Indiana jones's satchel isn't as big as you thought. It's for quick on the go stuff, not indie's library. This satchel is authentic, durable and able to give you that "I'm a little bit closer to being Indiana Jones" feeling. I'm very satisfied with my purchase!

  4. Great Quality Bag 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Jun 2012

    I've owned this bag for about half a year and is my go-to bag for daily use. It's solidly built and has held up to my daily wear and tear (aka abuse). I have a DS, 3DS, Galaxy Tab, iPod, Phone and an external usb charger packed in there with a small writing pad & pens packed in there comfortably.

    It's definitely a screen accurate bag that goes well with your Indy gear or just to be used as a satchel. Either way, it's a great bag for your adventuring!

  5. Not bad, but the earlier version is much better made. 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Jun 2012

    I purchased the older version from Todds and I was thrilled with the authenticity, and the fully robust build quality. I ordered another for a gift and it was made by another manufacturer. The new version is made of a lesser cotton material, slightly smaller, and the feel of the bag seems trivial now and not as robust. I'm afraid it is not the same as the original, and likely not to survive as long. Still, it looks good, but sadly won't live up to the original, which will outlast it by a large margin.

  6. A 'proper'bag at last! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Jun 2012

    After years of using 'near enough' bags my wife asked me why I dont have an accurate Indy bag, so I decided to go for an accurate looking bag and the best price too
    When it arrived, I must say I was amazed how small it looked, I've been used to larger bags and small rucksacks so I checked the size with original MKVII gas mask bags and sure enough, it's as spot on as I could want
    Well, I've washed it in a little bleach and water to slightly fade the 'new' look, dirtied it down and now it looks as good as any you've seen Indiana Jones use on screen
    I am delighted.

  7. Solid, sturdy, wicked cool! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th May 2012

    I've wanted to own an Indy bag for sooo long that it feels unreal to finally have one!

    I ordered my bag on a Friday and only 5 days later it was at my door! (Of course, I'm only 1 state over from Todd's HQ, so your mileage may vary.)

    Being 5'9", I was glad to find that the 65" strap was the appropriate choice for me.

    The bag itself is a bit smaller than I had imagined, but as it was originally intentioned to carry a gas mask, I should really have figured this all from the start. (True to form, I found that the bag fits pretty snugly over my head, Lol.) My plan was to use this satchel to lug around my college textbooks, but that's really not gonna gonna be feasible, I now see. For your reference, I'd say the bag is about the size of a dinner plate. In fact, I slid one in there and it was a perfect fit!

    Other than that, the construction looks sturdy enough. (I meant to leave this review after a few months or years of ownership, just so I'd know how the bag would have held up over time, but I guess I got ahead of myself, but only because I'm so pleased with my purchase!)

    The bag may look a little floppy in some of the videos, but let me assure you, the canvas is thick and rugged, and seems more than capable of taking a few beatings. The stitching, as well, is clearly strong and solid. Make no mistake, this utility bag is indeed built for utility, not just fashion.

    I got a little confused when trying to install the leather strap on my own, so I decided to swallow my pride and follow the step-by-step instruction video posted right here on this page! Obviously, then it was a cinch! ;)

    All the compartments are present on the inside, 6 in all, plus one teeny one on one side of the exterior. There's even a waist-tie string inside like in an authentic Mark Seven!

    I LOVE the color, too! I was afraid the green would be too dark, but was pleased to discover that it's more of a faded olive tone. In other words, it was JUST RIGHT!

    The only discernable difference between this and some of the other bags I've seen is the fact that "MK VII" (etc.) isn't stamped on the interior of the bag's main flap. This is a total non-issue, though, as far as I'm concerned, but it might be important to some so I thought I would mention it.

    All-in-all, I'm totally in love with this bag! If you've ever wanted a bag like Indy's now is your chance to make that a reality! If it's top-notch construction and attention to detail that you're after - not to mention a killer bargain! - do not hesitate to pounce on one of Todd's stellar satchels! These are sure not to disappoint!

    A happy Todds customer (and crazed Indy fan),

    - Jonathan, from Las Vegas (Nevada, that is!)

  8. cool bag 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd May 2012

    Fun with your Indy garb or traveling from airport to airport. Great quality and looks like the real deal.

  9. Best bag yet 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Feb 2012

    I've had bags sold by other vendors and none of them matches the attention to detail as this one does. All close up shots of the satchel from Raiders of the Lost Ark have made me believe Todd himself supplied the bags in Raiders. Better yet are the compartments inside that keep all my useful tools in their own space.

  10. Can't say enough! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Feb 2012

    Besides the hat, this is the piece I've waited to purchase for a while now. I really love the colors of the bag and leather strap. I really don't mind the multi compartments within the bag. The length of the 65" strap is perfect for my size torso and rides just underneath my jacket. Now the biggest problem is deciding what to place inside it for the next adventure.

  11. Perfect for an iPad 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Feb 2012

    When Steve Jobs announced the iPad, I went to the Apple web site to look up its size. I then compared it to size of my Indiana Jones satchel, and it matched perfectly. I use the satchel to carry the iPad around, both with and without a case. Its interior pockets are also perfect for carrying cell phones and accessories.

    Other features not mentioned in the advertising: You can't quite see it in the picture, but the leather strap is held to the canvas via D-rings. These rings are perfect for carabiners. I hook up a flashlight and a Swiss Army and tuck them inside the satchel. Yes, there's plenty of room, even with the iPad, iPod, cell phone, and whatever.

    There's even a tiny pocket that's perfect for a Bluetooth headset!

    I found I needed to add a post-WWII modification: I put in velcro strips to help keep the pockets sealed. Otherwise stuff can tumble out if the satchel falls off a table.

    Get it for a well-priced practical satchel. Its resemblance is a pleasant bonus.

  12. very usefull.. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Jan 2012

    Exact Indy clone bag..awesome. made very well. Only complaint is I wish the longer strap would have been in stock. I have my buckle slid all the way down to the wring on the bag so the 65" strap is fine now..Not a real issue at all..My 1st manbag, satchel ect..love it..Will get use to using it in my daily life..Todds has some really great items and made for every day use.

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