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Han Solo DL-44 Complete Blaster

5 Stars

Product Description

Now THIS is a good blaster to have at your side!  Perfect for display, conventions, collecting, or just because it's cool!

Our long awaited Han Solo DL-44 Blaster is the result of a year and a half's worth of fanatical research. We've procured all of the original elements that are currently available including Veron model kit cylinders and pushrods, Hensoldt-Wetzlar scopes, and MG-81 flash suppressor and adapter. We've spec'd them all in minute detail. We've searched out the best manufacturers for each of the parts required to duplicate this prop, down to the screws. What we're offering here is incredibly close to the real prop.

How fanatical?  Well, we've reproduced every detail that COULD be reproduced, even those details you will never see. Such as the threaded bull barrel (the original custom Mauser was made for a Frank Sinatra spy movie and included a threaded rifle barrel that could be screwed on.)  Such as the internal scope parts with painted surfaces and bare surfaces exactly as the original scopes. Such as using 3 Veron cylinders to construct the "grille" instead of making an easier, simpler (and cheaper) one piece grille. Yep, now THAT is fanatical!

We offer 2 finishes. "Factory New" (shown on WHITE background) is as the DL-44 would have appeared in the laser gun store display case. "Battle Worn" (shown on BLACK background) is as close as we can come to the finish as used on screen. We do our best to duplicate every scratch and chip that is visible in the reference photos that are available.

Features include:

Custom made Hensoldt-Wetzlar scope made of all original materials, and real optical lenses! More than 27 individual parts!

Grille made of 3 Veron model kit cylinders

Denix C-96 Mauser replica customized especially for this prop

Steel bull barrel complete with threads for the rifle barrel extension (as seen when the original gun appeared in "Naked Runner")

Custom made steel MG81 flash hider and mounting collar

Steel scope mounting bracket and hardware

Barrel greeblies made of PVC and ABS plastic

Functioning hammer, trigger and bolt!

Grab one of these beautiful props while we can still make them available!

Please expect a 2-4 month wait for this item.

Disclaimer: All the scope parts are replicated from an original Hensoldt-Wetzlar scope, but this is a prop item, and is not suitable for use as an actual rifle scope.

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  1. This is the blaster you’re looking for.... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Apr 2018

    Amazing in its detail. Looks and feels great. Fits Todd’s holster perfectly as well. Definitely worth every penny!

  2. Well worth the wait. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Feb 2018

    Although there were delays due to outside production issues, the wait was still absolutely worth it. The product you receive is exactly what is shown. It's heavy, well built, machined nicely and assembled well. I couldn't be happier with the product I received.

  3. amazing quality 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Feb 2018

    I opted for the new style blaster after tons of research and pulled he trigger on my order and couldn’t be happier. Finish, quality, detail, and likeness are a 10 out of 10.

  4. Worth. The, Wait 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Jan 2018

    I ordered this blaster due to my love of the franchise and Han Solo specifically. It was my Xmas present to myself (well, there was a whiskey advent calendar too, but I digress). The blaster is amazing!! The build is solid, looks great and feels like a real gun when you hold it. I am not an expert on whether it is exactly correct to the movie prop (and which movie at that) but I have no regrets.

  5. incredible!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Dec 2017

     I am blown away by the quality and attention to detail on this dl 44

    It feel like you are han solo, ready to chat with Greedo and shoot first
    It took 6 months to get it but it was Worth the wait

  6. Holy grail 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Dec 2017

    There is no way to describe how amazing this thing is. It exceeds every expectation, and legitimately had me (40 yrs old), running around my house shooting at imaginary storm troopers. It's perfect. I can't put it down!!

  7. Incredible....better than expected! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Jul 2017

    Received this today and I am blown away by the quality and attention to detail on this replica! It's well weighted and has the "Hero" prop feel! The scope contains a real lens and the markings and etchings are screen accurate! It also fits great into my ANH belt and holster (also from Todds)! Couldn't be happier and it proves that hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good Blaster at your side! :-)

  8. The Best DL-44 money can buy 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Jul 2017

    After looking over the gun in detail there is not one thing wrong with it. The build is great. A friend of mine owns a MR of this same gun and it does not even compare to it.

  9. the real thing 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Jun 2017

    This blaster is no joke. It is hefty and sturdy and looks fantastic. In fact, it has been mistaken by several people as being real (by people who handle real firearms for a living). It is expensive, but the quality is unparalleled. Much better than any 3D printed version or any plastic toy that has been painted.

  10. Best All Metal Option / QC could improve 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Apr 2017

    Was very excited to receive this and met my requirements of an all metal blaster. I bought the complete blaster since the kits pieces were not in stock. Very realistic, sturdy and heavy. But I dinged it 2 star for 2 reasons:
    (1) cap screw hole for flash hinder was tapped crooked so the cap screw is not flush and the trigger is sticky.
    (2) Both issues raised to Todd but basically blown off as (a) yes it's crooked but you could open the hole up and cement it in and (b) since they only had one batch of sticky triggers it wasn't serious enough for them to return or fix....instead they ship it out to a customer. The quality control is disappointing and so is their response.

    I wish I could be more excited but these 2 items are so obvious that it really takes away from the experience. If not for them, it would have been 5 stars.

  11. Iconic weapon for a less-civilized time 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Mar 2017

    I received my DL-44 replica, with the extra weathering, and it is truly fantastic. Their attention to detail is fantastic and the weathering just seals the deal. This is hands down the best ANH replica for the money. I am incredibly happy with this product, and the quality of all the parts. I would not hesitate to recommend this to any Star Wars buff.

  12. You want Han Solo's DL 44? You got it! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Dec 2016

    Though I bought the kit and not the constructed version, this gun I believe will satisfy most if not all Han Solo enthusiasts. I love the weight of the blaster. And the gun metal and craftsmanship of the scope makes this blaster all the more real. I'm very satisfied!

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